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About Us

Toprank Hi Tech Ltd is a Kenyan based supplier  of  UPS,  diesel  generators, solar panels, deep cycle batteries, Inverters  and  Voltage  Regulator  (AVR). Registered in 2007 as a business name and incorporated as a Limited company in 2013 we have grown to become one of the Kenyan's leading independent supplier of critical power equipment with an unwavering commitment to quality and service.


Our nationwide fleet of engineers are able to support your equipment throughout the whole of the East African region. Our complete in-house project management team is able to assist in the entire lifecycle of critical power equipment from design, installation and commissioning through to on-going maintenance and finally, decommissioning.


Initially founded as doing maintenance of UPS equipments, Toprank has grown to become a reliable supplier and service provider of UPS, diesel generators, solar pannels,deep cycle batteries ,Inverters and Power Regulator (AVR) . These units are manufactured to the highest standards, designed to meet the specification of even the most demanding situations and offering some of the most energy efficient performance available. Units have even been customised and deployed to cope with the fiercest harsh environments.


Our aim is to become our customers' partner of choice through bringing innovations to market, exceeding our client's expectations and implementing collaborative working. Toprank achieve this aim through growing our skills as specialists in the design of low and high voltage backup power systems, so that we are better able to offer customised backup power supply systems to all businesses based around their needs.


In our time we have supplied customised units for deployment in banks, provided critical backup power to hospitals, kept data centres up and running through power cuts and brought countless savings to businesses through finding energy efficiencies, provided power back up to security firms to maintain their control rooms running during power outages. With over 9 years' experience in the market, the assurance of being both a supplier and with a service team supporting our own equipment and any other manufacturer why look anywhere else for your backup power needs?